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First Client of Eternos.Life – Michael Bommer


April 30, 2024, Palo Alto, CA: Michael Bommer, a 60-year-old terminally ill cancer patient from Germany, has become the first client of This new AI powered legacy preservation platform was developed to construct a video and audio model of clients that interacts with descendants after life. Mr. Bommer, using the Eternos platform and working with personalized legacy advisors, was able to create a comprehensive picture of his life, and the result is a fully interactive AI version of himself. People can now speak to his digital AI, ask questions about his life, and what he would do in certain situations, and even generate new ideas.

Eternos is a startup that Robert LoCascio, the founder of LivePerson, created with Andrew LoCascio, the founder of Sound Strategies, to allow anyone to develop a fully interactive and predictive AI based legacy model of themself. Based on knowledge inputs that include hundreds of questions, as well as writings, images and documents from the client, the result is a breathtakingly lifelike, AI powered legacy model of the client able to deeply interact with descendants through AI voice.

Bommer said of his role as AI client number one of Eternos, “As my cancer diagnosis turned terminal, my thoughts turned, of course, to what I will leave behind for my family. I have known Robert for years and was excited to learn about Eternos. My wife and I have had the opportunity to preview the model based on what I provided, and the result is simply astounding. I am feeling great relief that a part of me will live on.”

Robert LoCascio, founder, said, “As we age, thoughts turn to our legacy and how we will be remembered. Being able to create an AI powered model that can do more than share our photos and papers is something that moves me deeply. The first time we unveiled Michael’s AI to Michael and his wife, their emotional reaction showed me that there is a need for a secure, ethical platform for legacy preservation.”

Eternos is in limited beta launch, and further information about Mr. Bommer and the process is available at Mr. Bommer and Mr. LoCascio are available for interviews.

For more information, please contact Brian Glicklich at Digital Strategy Ltd, [email protected] or 818-867-9096.