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Share Your Story and Simplify Your Life

We all live unique and remarkable lives. Share your journey, wisdom, opinions, and all the things that make you special. Current and future generations can learn who you are, about your loves, failures, and triumphs.. If this is what you want for you and your family, you have come to the right place!

At Eternos we create your personal eternal AI complete with voice, memories, career, relationships, opinions, videos, photos, and everything else that makes you what you are. Visitors will explore and interact with the key moments that have shaped your life, seek guidance, and marvel in your creativity. Our streamlined capture process requires absolutely no technical experience.

Creating Your AI

Every life story is distinct, and our legacy advisors ensure that your Eternos AI captures the true essence of who you are. The process starts with an interview that allows your advisor to prepare an initial set of questions. These questions are used to capture the initial version of your life story. The legacy advisor makes sure the training process is easy and efficient. The streamlined capture process allows you to simply speak the answers to each question. You do not need to type.

During the training process you will discover new topics that should be included in your Eternos AI. Your legacy advisor will help format the content for each topic so that it is consistent with other memories and experiences in your AI. This ensures the best possible interactions with the Eternos AI.

The legacy advisor will also teach you how to use the comprehensive Eternos training application. The application includes a powerful AI that can suggest new topics. It can also provide sets of sample questions for any topic. If you are into music, it will provide you with a set of questions to capture your interests.

The process of training your AI is easy and never needs to stop, you can add more content or change content at any time.

We also guide you through the creation of your digital voice by recording a carefully chosen set of phrases unrelated to your life story. The Eternos neural voice technology uses the recording to capture every nuance of your voice, ensuring your AI reflects your true essence, intonation, and emotions. These phrases are ONLY used to create your digital voice and are unrelated to the guided questionnaire training sessions. The voice capture process typically takes less than an hour.

From childhood memories to personal philosophies, our coaches work with you to ensure every aspect of Eternos AI is authentically you. We also integrate multimedia elements like handwritten letters, videos, and cherished photographs, creating a rich multi-dimensional experience that is shared in your own voice.

Sharing and Using Your AI


You control who has access to your Eternos AI. It is designed to endure for countless generations. Friends and family can immerse themselves in intimate historical family narratives, engaging with their departed grandparents to hear firsthand about ancestral villages, migration tales, accomplishments, and cherished family traditions. When facing life’s critical junctures, whether a daunting career choice or personal dilemma, people can seek guidance from their late loved ones. The AI-preserved insights provide comfort and wisdom, offering counsel drawn from a trove of past experiences. This connection not only offers guidance but also fortifies users with tales of ancestral resilience and perseverance when facing their own challenges.

Simplify Your Life Now

Use your AI to save and recall the everyday information you need to navigate the complexities of modern life. Store your life-hacks, recipes, dining and lodging choices, travel logs, home maintenance, and anything else you might need to recall at any moment. It takes only a few moments to add this information and you can change or remove it at any time.

Securing Your AI

At Eternos, security is not just a feature; it’s the foundation of our state-of-the-art web and mobile applications, designed to ensure your digital self is always protected. Your AI identity, memories, video, pictures, and documents are all guarded within the Eternos Vault.  It uses cutting-edge encryption technologies and robust security measures. This includes daily backups to multiple secure locations, end-to-end encryption for all communications, and multi-factor authentication to restrict access only to authorized users.

The Vault is a state-of-the-art platform designed with an unwavering commitment to security. Your digital well-being is our top priority, and we’ve implemented a robust set of features to ensure that your data remains private, your conversations stay secure, and your online experience is shielded from cyber threats. The Vault is more than just a platform; it’s a fortress guarding your digital assets. Trust us to keep your data secure, your interactions private, and your online experience worry-free. Embrace the future confidently with the protection of the Eternos Vault.

You own ALL the data in the vault and you can download the data, videos, pictures, and documents (media) at any time. Eternos is acutely aware of the GDPR. All data, media, and AI models can be stored in the country of origin. If you live in EMEA, then your data will be stored in EMEA. If you live in the Americas, your data will be stored there.

Interactive Autobiography

Create an immersive interactive autobiography that takes your AI to the next level. The Eternos autobiography tool automatically identifies, tags, and categorizes all the content that can be used to organize your life story in a chapter and sub-chapter format.

Your legacy coach will teach you how to review and edit the content you want to be share. The content also includes video, photos, and documents that make the sharing experience more immersive. The review process always triggers additional memories that you will want to add to your AI.

The visitors can experience your life story as an audio book. They can pause at any time, ask questions, and resume their journey. They can also pick a specific chapter or sub-chapter from the table of contents.

You can download the entire bio as a single document/PDF complete with title, index, and pictures. This same tool can also create export files that third-parties can use for actual printing.

Enhance Your AI

In addition to your knowledge, memories, and opinions, your legacy coach will work with you to create content that makes the experience even more immersive.

  • Recipes – Preserve those coveted family recipes from past generations and add your own.
  • Life Hacks – Share some of the clever things you have learned through your journeys.
  • Arts- Are you musician, painter, photographer, videographer, or something else?
  • Skills – Are you a gardener, fisherman, carpenter, or something else?
  • Last Messages – Are there things that you only want to share when you are gone.

Scavenger Hunt

A legacy coach will work with you and whoever else is needed to create an eternal scavenger hunts that will engage your descendants for eternity. It can range from a simple digital scavenger hunt to complex real hunts involving multiple locations, safety deposit boxes, and more!  Your scavenger hunts could be annual, or any other frequency your desire.

With Eternos, we possess the extraordinary ability to defy mortality and immortalize the core of our being. This pioneering technology allows you to capture your memories, experiences, and souls on a digital canvas. Imagine imparting the lessons of your life, sharing your laughter and tears in your own voice, preserved for future generations. Every photograph, every video, every treasured moment is intricately woven into the fabric of eternity, ensuring that your legacy is not just remembered, but experienced by those who come after you.

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