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Eternos Ethics Guide

Can I build an AI for someone else or can someone else build an AI of me?
The owner of an Eternos AI can only build an AI for themselves. No one can build an Eternos AI for someone else. The owner verification process includes multiple human check points to ensure that all Eternos criteria are met. There are no exceptions. Even the creation of the voice AI model requires multiple forms of proof including a voice statement.

Who can access my AI?
Only verified authorized users can access an Eternos AI. Everyone who requests access must have an account at Eternos and proof of identity. Only the owner of the AI can approve a request for access. All access to the Eternos platform includes 2-step verification. All chat discussions are logged and only the owner has access to those discussions.

Who owns the AI and the content used to build my AI?
The AI and all the content used to create is the property of the owner of the AI. The owner of the AI determines the disposition of the AI upon their passing.

Are there rules for the content that can be used by AI and the intent of the AI?
The owner of the AI agrees to abide by the rules set forth in their contract regarding the content in the AI and the intent of the content in the AI. Offending content will be removed at the discretion of Eternos. The intent of all Eternos AIs is to pass knowledge and experiences to future generations.

Can others add content to my AI?
Only the owner of the AI can provide the videos, images, and documents that are presented during a chat discussion.

Can someone copy or steal my AI?
The AI is not portable. It cannot be stolen, copied, or migrated. It actually consists of many components that reside in the Eternos cloud. Even the voice model cannot be migrated to another location in the cloud. It can only be deleted and then recreated from the original source. The AI model can ONLY function when all the components are integrated during the chat process.

Message From the Founders

We recognize the ethical considerations surrounding the development and utilization of AIs. We share the belief that both security and societal implications are significant considerations in the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

Every AI application is different and should be judged on it’s own merits. Eternos is a premium product that we are using for ourselves and our families. We built this with an intense focus on security and how it would be used. Eternos is NOT anonymous. Anyone who builds an AI or uses the application must verify their identity.

We all live unique and remarkable lives. We believe we have knowledge and experiences that will not only inform future generations, but help guide them. They can learn who we were, about our loves, triumphs, and failures. If this is what you want for you and your family, you have come to the right place.

Andrew, Robert, and the entire Eternos team welcomes you!

Eternos exceeds the National Institute of  Standards of Technology AI guidelines (January 2023). Eternos also complies with the EU AI Standards Act (March 2024).

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