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About Us

We are first cousins and have both been technology leaders for most of our lives. Robert was the inventor of customer care web chat in 1997 and ended up turning it into a large cloud technology company called LivePerson.  Andrew founded Sound Strategies over two decades ago.  Sound Strategies designs, builds, and manages high security digital properties. The idea for Eternos came during a recent family holiday gathering when we were both speaking about our dads and how we missed hearing them at the dinner table. We spent the rest of the dinner thinking about how we could use the latest in AI technology to bring them back to life and especially for the five young kids we have between us.

We started thinking, while it’s easy to pass down material wealth, the essence of our wisdom, our very souls, often just disappears within one or two generations. We created so when any of our family members leave this world, the rich tapestry of their lives will endure, sharing their vibrant voices for eternity.

We believe that everyone lives  a unique and remarkable life. We all have knowledge and experiences that will not only inform future generations, but help guide them. They will learn who we were, about our loves, failures, and triumphs. If this is what you want for you and your family, you have come to the right place.

Enjoy, Rob & Andy