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Eternos Lifetime Vault1
Unlimited Legacy Advisor Hours
Expedited Setup and Build
Custom Voice
Videos, Pictures, and Documents
Eternos Training Suite2
Monthly AI Tuning
10 Family Access Passes3
Interactive Autobiography4

All Eternos packages have everything you need to create your personal AI. That includes coaching by our legacy advisors, the Eternos vault, custom voice, training, and all the other features needed to build an AI designed to last forever.

Eternos is a premium product. Capturing your knowledge, experiences, voice, emotions, videos, photos, and document inputs is simple. Building an accurate, secure, and completely realistic AI from those inputs requires many hours of carefully executed efforts by our engineers and data scientists.

1 Eternos Lifetime Vault – The vault contains all the components of your AI including all the information that was used to create it. It also includes all the videos, pictures, and documents that provide the details for your memories. You own all the data, videos, pictures, and documents stored in the vault. Click to Learn More About the Vault

2 Eternos Training Suite – A comprehensive suite of tools that will guide you through the training process that includes a powerful specialized AI. It also includes the “Reminder” feature that allows you to create memos about information you want to add in the future.

3 Family Access Passes – You have complete control of access to your AI. Anyone who wants to access it must be an Eternos subscriber. The subscription you give them also allows them to access the Eternos AI suite which includes AIs for life coaching, general knowledge, and more.

4 Interactive Autobiography – Create an interactive digital life story that can be downloaded as PDF or printed. Share your life with current and future generations as an interactive audio book. Click to Learn More About the Autobiography