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Testimonial: Michael Bommer

Michael has been fighting cancer for over two years and became our first Eternos client. We created an indiscernible AI voicebot of Michael with all his memories and experiences delivered with his personal emotion and feeling. His experiences, intelligence, and guidance can now be passed down to his children, grandchildren, and all his descendants.

Michael Bommer, a 60-year-old from Germany diagnosed with terminal cancer, became the inaugural client of, an innovative AI-powered legacy platform. Using this platform, Michael worked closely with legacy advisors to craft a comprehensive, interactive AI version of himself, allowing family and others to engage with his life experiences and insights through video. This lifelike model responds to questions about his life, decisions, and can even generate new ideas. We at Eternos, motivated by the desire to create lasting legacies beyond mere photos and documents, were so deeply moved by the emotional impact seen when Michael and his wife previewed this groundbreaking technology. Michael reflects on the ease of creating his AI with Eternos, ensuring

a part of him will endure, providing a meaningful connection for future generations. 
Eternos co-founders Robert and Andy LoCascio when learning of Michael’s condition, reached out to Michael and immediately gave him access to Eternos, where he could preserve his essence through an AI that captures his voice, personality, and memories. The team worked tirelessly to integrate data capture, transcription, and chat functionalities into a customized AI that uses Michael’s synthesized voice. Their efforts culminated in Michael becoming Eternos AI #1, a testament to their dedication to preserving legacies for future generations.

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This Is How We Made Michael an AI:

  1. A legacy advisor worked with Michael, preparing him to create his AI voice, and then explaining the knowledge and memory capture process.
  2. The AI creation process started with Michael recording three hundred training phrases. These phrases were used to capture all the emotion, intonation, and pronunciation of his natural speaking voice.
  3. The training phrases were then processed using a neural voice AI technology.  This process took nearly three days of 24/7 computing power and some additional human editing. The custom voice AI model created from his voice samples is used to deliver responses in his natural voice.
  4. An Eternos legacy advisor worked with Michael to capture his memories by providing him a list of 150 carefully selected questions.  He recorded his thoughts and memories at his own pace over several weeks using a voice recording app on his mobile device. He will continue to provide additional thoughts and memories as long as he can.
  5. The AI was unveiled to Michael and his wife on April 13. They asked it questions about Michael’s life, family, career and more. His wife even asked AI Michael could he say something nice before she goes to bed. The AI responded exactly in Michael’s voice with “My love, have sweet dreams and I love you very much. Have a peaceful sleep.”