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Create an Interactive AI to Share
Your Life Story and Simplify Your Life

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Watch the NBC News interview with Eternos AI #1, Michael Bommer

Share your memories, knowledge, opinions, videos, pictures and everything else that makes you who you are.  Simplify your life with an interactive AI that assistant that also shares your legacy in a journey that never ends.

Capture Your Story & Simplify Your Life

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Michael has been fighting cancer for over two years and became our first Eternos client. We created an AI for Michael with all his memories and experiences delivered with his personal emotion, feeling, and in his actual voice.  His experiences, intelligence, and guidance can now be passed down to his children, grandchildren, and all his descendants.

Meet Michael Bommer

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All the components that make up your AI are guarded within our Eternos Vault including videos, photos, and documents. The vault uses cutting-edge encryption tech and robust security measures to ensure that only you can access them.

The Vault – Securing your AI

Secure yourself forever

Create an immersive interactive autobiography that takes your AI to the next level. An on-demand audio book with an index and table of contents.  Visitors can listen and learn, pause at any time, ask questions, and then resume their journey.

Your Interactive Autobiography

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